venus17Do you take a quick glance at yourself in the mirror each time before going to work, school, gym, social events or even before attending that special date you have waited for so long? Well, most of us do it not only because we want to look good, but it also makes us feel more confident about ourselves. Unfortunately, in today’s society, we can be judged and treated differently by others based on our physical appearance.

Being overweight can make people think of us as lazy, undetermined, unattractive and be often perceived as someone who lacks self-discipline. Who doesn’t want that admirable petite body? It is so uncomfortable walking into the store, trying out every single piece in the rack  and leave empty handed and frustrated with yourself.  Just because you have been confronting this weight problem does not mean you have to live with it forever. You can turn the cards and make it happen now.

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Most women experience low self-esteem at some point in their lives for many reasons, but weight loss is definitely one of them. No matter how much we deny our guilt of being a little overweight, at one point in time, we are always thinking about how we look even if we try very hard to admit that those few extra pounds don’t bother us much.

Self-esteem can interfere with our normal lives if we let those extra pounds affect the attitude we take towards ourselves or begin to think of weight as an evaluation of self-worthiness. Women, please take the time to learn how you can make significant changes to your life today! Why wait longer? Regardless of age, if at one point in life you’ve felt like the battle against weight loss has been lost, this is the chance to get back on your feet and regain that confidence you have always wanted.


The journey to losing weight is to your advantage

Losing weight can sometimes and most often has become a goal difficult to attain for women as it has for men. However,  the journey for women can be more challenging than it is for men. Fear is a natural instinct of all human beings. However, learning how to cope with that fear and learning how to manage it is what becomes important when taking on a new goal like losing weight. We should not let fear override our actions, specially when we take on a challenge like losing weight. Although we know that journey to success is on our side, those constant negative thoughts impede us from taking further action.

Don’t have time to fit in a workout on a busy schedule…..No excuses!

For women, that journey can be a challenge due to many social or personal barriers. Having peers who discourage you from making any efforts in life can be a tough mental challenge. From my own experience, I would often have family members telling me that the roles of women were at home, not at the gym like men. Of course, those perspectives change based on your cultural background. To a certain point, it is understandable that women can have personal barriers such as nourishing a child, picking up the kids from school, taking care of the daily chores or family. If you are single, then you have no excuse. Whatever the case may be, I used a weight loss plan that worked for me even when I felt time was not on my side.

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I want to make things clear for women who are struggling to start a a weight loss plan. Now is the time to take action. I know many of you are now thinking about how beautiful you would look if you had that perfect, slender body. Starting this journey is not easy, but taking the right initiative, having the right program and learning how to transform it into a lifestyle is what will make you another success story that you can share with your friends and loved ones. Not only do you have the power to change your life, but you can also influence others who want to succeed using the perfect weight loss plan for women.

Whatever your situation may be, you have total control in your hands to make the change happen. You don’t have to be physically strong because what’s more significant is mental strength. What makes you think you are not strong enough to dedicate only a small portion of your day to weight loss? As a woman, you probably have experimented working, raising a family and probably even pursuing a career. Being strong is about finding success even when barriers cross in your life. Remember, whatever you set your mind to, you have the power to change the way you look, feel and think about yourself.

Every woman desires to have a great looking body that they can show off to their friends, family and most importantly, their partners. Who doesn’t? I know you do right? Making this journey happen will make you feel confident as well as look and feel younger. Every effort you make in the beginning will make a big difference in the long run. A journey to reach your weight loss goal begins with small baby steps until you realize that you are more capable than what you thought you would be.

Toss away negativity and join the 12 week challenge

If you have tried it all, ranging from strict diet plans, weight loss supplements, intense workouts, or ketogenic diets with little or no success, well forget about everything you tried and let’s begin with a different plan that I have proven to be successful myself. I tried many different plans with little success.I was satisfied with my body until I made my first visit to the doctor and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. That is when I felt the need to take action and start shedding pounds. However, even after implementing an exercise plan, my hard work at the gym was not really paying off. I got to the point where I was thinking about giving up after all my failures.  I began making my own research in trying to find which weight loss plan would really make me lose weight realistically, instead of fantasizing about losing 15 pounds a week.

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I can’t begin to tell you how many programs I came across which promised me wonders and miracle results overnight.The right weight loss program for women does not need to be restrictive, crucial and extremely uncomfortable. Weight loss programs for women should in fact be adopted as a lifestyle rather than a duty. You need to feel comfortable following the weight loss plan because it will become part of your daily, weekly, and all year round routine.

If you are looking to feel good for the rest of your life, you need to adopt the plan as a lifetime investment. Remember, we need to treat weight loss plans just like we would consider a new career or opportunity in life.

During my intensive research and desperate moments of trying to adopt the right women’s weight loss plan, I came across a breakthrough discovery in female fat loss. I found that the secret behind losing weight for women cuts down to a hormone called leptin.

I was able to find this information through The Venus Factor program. Research has discovered that women naturally have a higher dosage of leptin stored in their body compared to men. What does this mean? Well, it means that women have a greater potential of losing weight compared to men. Leptin is a hormone that controls the ability of the body to lose fat. In basic terms, high levels of leptin in your body speed the metabolism which signals the body to burn fat. In comparison, low levels of leptin cause the metabolism to slow down and therefore signal the body to store fat, which is better know as being leptin resistant.

The Venus Factor

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Women should never diet like men……

The great news is that women have a greater potential of losing weight. The bad news is that women can be up to 3 times less responsive to leptin’s signal for losing weight compared to the male population. Leptin is a hormone produced by the fat cells in our body. The hormone is able to communicate to the body (brain) that it doesn’t need anymore food.

In simple terms, the hormone is able to inhibite hunger and regulates the energy balance on your body. Not being able to respond to the signal of the leptin hormone puts you at a great disadvantage even if you try to lose weight with a strict plan. For example, people who suffer of obesity are leptin resistant because they have no control over their hunger, even when the body has a mass storage of energy.

Leptin is what speeds up your metabolism and signals the body to burn excess fat. The Venus Factor is a program dedicated to restart your body and change the way it responds to leptin, by implementing what is better known as “metabolic override.”

In the end, women need to take a different and smarter approach in the world of weight loss. We need to learn how to manage the way we take care of our bodies, specially today where millions of men and women suffer of diabetes and cardiac problems and other obesity related health problems. Taking the time to learn how you can adopt new methods to your goal of losing weight will add more years to your life. Even if you feel that time is lacking to start a weight loss plan, with The Venus Factor you have all the training tools in your hands. There is no other excuse than not wanting to be healthy, young looking and have that great body that everyone will envy.

Each day with no action is another day you could have achieved towards your goal of looking sexy like never before. You may find yourself mentally frozen due to the overload of information if you have done research on how to lose weight. However, I learned that with The Venus Factor there is no secret recipe. There are thousands of products out there, but The Venus Factor is definitely one of the best that worked for me and can also work for you.