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The world of weight loss is filled with vasts loads of information and products which are intended for different results and goals. The Venus Factor is specially designed for women who want to lose weight efficiently, where they need it the most and keep it off, not just lose it. Remember, this weight loss program is only intended for women.

The Venus Factor is a complete system which will help you tone, and tighten your body without the need to stop eating all the foods you crave. The main secret behind this complete program is the hormone known as leptin. Leptin is the hormone that is produced naturally by our bodies. Women have a high concentration and higher capacity of producing leptin compared to men. Both men and women produce this hormone. However, being able to activate those concentrations of leptin in the body is the challenging part.

Using the Venus Factor will help you attain your desired weight in a reasonably fast and safe manner. You will not be involved in a program full of diet pills or restrictive diets. Women who go to the gym for endless amount of hours and are still having a hard time keeping some of the weight off may be suffering of leptin resistance. Being leptin resistant means that there is little communication between the leptin hormone and the brain. In other words, when you are resistant, you are obese but sometimes you may not be able to control the way you eat because your brain does not get that signal to stop that appetite. In comparison, being leptin sensitive means that your brain will receive that signal to stop eating and give you the desire of being full. The main problem is that women are less responsive to leptin. At this point, you are probably wondering why the Venus Factor is able to make a big change in the way you lose wight compared to all other programs.

Who’s behind The Venus Factor?

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The real person behind the extensive scientific research and creation of the weight loss program is better known as John BarbanHe has dedicated his entire career in helping women who have struggled to attain their desired body and level of fitness. John Barban is a recognized world class expert in nutrition, biology and physiology. He has also taught human performance at the University of Florida and other campuses across the U.S. Besides helping thousands of women with The Venus Factor, John has also created a program specially for men called the Adonis Golden Ratio. World class experts dedicate their time in helping men and women who want to prolong their lives, feel younger and improve their health. He was able to break the code for women in The Venus Factor by learning how find the right balance between exercise, food intake, hormones and weight loss. If you feel ready to leave behind all that unnecessary weight, John Barban’s 12 week program will give you the results you want.


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The Venus Factor Program

The Venus Factor is a complete 12 week weight loss system that will take you through a challenging but worthwhile path. It takes more than just a program to get you started. You need to have initiative, motivation, direction, advice and a laid out system you can follow. Unfortunately, there are thousands if not millions of people out there who are blindly going into the world of fitness. For many, luck is on their side because they have broken the secret code that works out for them. Others spend an excessive amount of time working out and trying so many programs with little or no success. Never enter the world of fitness without any form of direction, specially if you’re a beginner. Always have a plan and do research before taking on any program. In this case, The Venus Factor is broken into 4 stages designed to guide you now and forever, as long as you are willing to keep your body young and sexy. The goal is to control the leptin resistance in your body, leading to a natural regulation of your metabolism based on the foods you eat, control your appetite, and eventually your weight. The Venus Factor program consists of the following:

  1. Fat-Loss Diet Guide– You will get a complete guide on the foods that you should and should not avoid. The program comes with an e-book about foods that will raise your leptin resistance and how you should stay away from them. The guide will also give you information about the right foods you should intake daily in order to speed up your metabolism and enhance your body’s response to leptin. Along with the program, you’ll get a crash course which will help you manage your calorie count and implement portion control.venus factor 16
  2. Fat Burning Workout Program– This is one of the core parts of the whole program. The 12 week exercise plan comes with the complete guide and with more than 130+ additional downloadable videos and internet sources which will lead you to getting that body you have always wanted. This section includes beginner and advanced workouts which will ultimately get you to an optimal level of fitness. The fat burning exercises will focus on specific parts of your body to give you the best toning without leaving any portion untouched.

  3. Virtual Nutritionist Software-Working with the virtual software is a helpful feature that helped me attain the goal I wanted. You are able to input your body dimensions in order to project and determine your weekly goals. This serves as a motivational tool because it gives you a desired goal to reach, all you do is complete the task. There is nothing better than having a system that is there to help you reach the goal without the need of having an expensive personal trainer. Using the virtual nutritionist software is like having a nutritional adviser at your disposal 24/7.

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  4. Members Venus Community– I have always loved being in this area because this is where it all started. The members community will give you access to chat, share important opinions and advice with thousands of other users. You will learn others’ personal success stories, and get to chat with them live in case you need further advice from people who have accomplished success with The Venus Factor. You will also be updated with the latest information on diet and weight loss tips directly from The Venus Factor creator John Barban. Stay motivated by sharing your story, ideas and goals with other women who might have been in your same position.

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