“When you feel like quitting, ask yourself why you started”

Whether losing weight has become a new year’s resolution or you simply want to make a big change in your life,  you are definitely not the first one to step into that same position. There are thousands of women out there who are seeking to lose weight, but a large percentage have come to a dead end due to a lack of information, motivation, perseverance, or a simple feeling of discouragement. Well, the story is much more different for the millions of women who have tried The Venus Factor.

In this page, you will find that those who have adopted the common principles of success, are sharing their stories to help you get started like them. The Venus Factor has a strong group of members who are there to support and motivate you even when the battle seems hard to win. Every challenge begins with a mile leap, but the Venus Factor is a step by step process will make that leap seem like a jog in the park.

The Venus Factor changed thousands of lives and so can you!

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Kathleen Mcrae Austin, TX

“I started the Venus Factor right after I gave birth to my first child. Can’t begin to tell you how depressed I was until my friend recommended me to try the Venus Factor. I was skeptical about the program since so many promised immediate and unrealistic goals. Two things I like most about the program is that many of the workouts are adjustable to my level of physical fitness and I am able to calculate my food intake needs with the virtual nutritionist app. The Venus Factor is so flexible that even with a busy schedule, I am able to get a quick workout during my lunch break. I saw my first results during my first week of using the program. I lost two pounds in the first week. I am on my second month now and I have lost 30 pounds overall. All other programs failed for me but the Venus Factor totally changed my life. I definitely recommend using the program if you want to build long term results.”

Crystal Hockenberry Orlando, FL

“I am Crystal, and I have been using the Venus Factor for three years now. When I started back in 2012, I was looking for a program that would give me quick results. After all my research, I realized that all the quick weight loss diets were only trying to get the most out of my pocket and time. I didn’t want to take a risk in purchasing super expensive products that would possibly not give me any results. During a chat with my friend, she told me about a program that she had bought a week before I just quit mine. I was at a very discouraging point of my life because nothing had worked for me. It wasn’t long before I gave the Venus Factor a try. I went into their website and did my research before purchasing. There could have been no better decision than purchasing the Venus Factor. It sells for a very reasonable price. They are upfront about the challenges of losing weight and they do not promise you to lose twenty pounds in a week like other programs do. I am very happy with the results of the Venus Factor as I went from 185 pounds to 110 pounds in 12 weeks.”


“I tried everything from expensive personal trainers and weight loss diets which were only draining my time. I had a personal trainer who was teaching me all the right work outs, but the issue was way beyond knowing routine workouts. Believe me, having a personal trainer and trying out weight loss plans is not cheap. I was tired of throwing my money away. I quit my gym membership the first day I tried The Venus Factor with a friend of mine. Well, it felt like a personal trainer was there anytime of the day. I had a complete program and even other friends were joining our afternoon workouts at home. Although there are many programs out there which may be effective for weight loss, The Venus Factor is one of the best that I have tried. I’ve been using it for one year, and I feel tremendously energized and encouraged to keep losing weight. I couldn’t be happier with my results as I lost 25 pounds my first month following the steps in the system. When you join the challenge, you join the opportunity to succeed.”

venus factor 7  

“I can’t be much happier than this. Using the Venus Factor has by far been one of the best programs I have used. There are many good programs out there that will give you good results, but you need to find the one you feel comfortable with. For me, it was the Venus Factor that really brought those weight loss results. I tried other weight loss programs but their diet plans were too restrictive in terms of what I could eat. One thing I do like about the program is the diet plan. The virtual nutritionist software will help you regulate what you eat and how many calories you intake without having the need to restrict on the foods you eat. I was able to take on this plan for the long term because I am able to eat while being able to keep my weight.”


“Getting used to a workout and diet plan is not easy for everyone. I was in your shoes just a couple of months ago. However, the Venus Factor made that transition so easy that within the first week, I was on board had already lost about 6 pounds. All I needed was dedication and made sure that I was not skipping any workouts or overeating. Making it a habit was the key ingredient to my success because there is not a day I live without using the program and the diet, except on days when I reward my hard work. I like the fact that it is inexpensive and it is easy to follow with all the step by step guides. I am on my second month and I feel better than ever.”

Anna Chan-Oxnard, CA



venus factor 9

“Early on, I knew that the Venus Factor would be the number one plan for nutrition and fitness. It has been a great investment in all aspects. I feel much more energized, younger and better about myself. It has definitely been worth my money. I am not trying to be the best athlete, but I am trying to give the best of the look to my body. Each week, the site is updated with plenty of new information which I immediately get my hands on. All the workouts are there, with no need to have a personal trainer or going to the gym. I’m 45 and I couldn’t be happier thanks to the Venus Factor.”


If The Venus Factor has changed thousands of women, it can change yours now just like it changed mine. Be action driven and motivated to get the body you always wanted. The stories you have read are a few of the many women who were in your position at one point in their lives. Everyone who has shared their success story started somewhere with pain, hard work and motivation.

There is always a beginning to an end, and you have control as to whether you will make that end goal a success. Lose the weight you want anytime you want at the comfort of your home. With the Venus Factor, you will be in the best shape of your life and learn how to gain control in maintaining that body.

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