Think Ahead-Think Venus Factor


As explained, women have a stronger potential of losing weight due to the higher production of the hormone called Leptin. The Venus Factor will help you lose weight smartly, making sure you get ahead of the game by speeding your metabolism and increasing the right signals between leptin and your body. You will learn how to use the leptin hormone to your advantage because you have it and it’s in you, all you need to do is switch the button.

Think about all those times you have said to yourself that you would start making a change tomorrow and you still haven’t done so. Each day that goes by without any effort or action is another day you have lost in the battle. No matter how much weight you are trying to shed or which physical condition you find yourself in, the program will not leave you behind. The Venus Factor is designed to integrate you into the system step by step, without making you feel like an outsider to the workout lifestyle.


Ready for the challenge?

Well, if you have taken the time to learn about the Venus Factor up to this point, you have definitely made the right choice. You are now probably realizing that it is time to step into that milestone challenge since you’ve had to deal with so many weight problems in your life. However, the Venus Factor has shown you that it is much less difficult than you think it is. It connects you with a wide range of people whom you can connect and relate to.

All of the Venus Factor members are here for a reason, to live a longer and healthier life by simply making the right choices in what you eat and the type of program you can stick to in the long term. Remember, if you want to be healthy and look young for many years ahead, you need to make sure you never turn back to the same lifestyle.

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  • Affordable (only $47 dollars) 60 day money back guarantee
  • No need for diet supplements
  • Fully integrated nutritional advice
  • Step by step guide of the program
  • Members chat area/Online community
  • Includes Nutritionist Virtual Software (calculates protein and calorie intake based on personal goals)
  • Minimal workout equipment needed


  • The program is only available in PDF/digital format
  • Strictly designed for women
  • Not adequate for people with previous major physical injuries

6 things to keep in mind when using the Venus Factor

  1. You must be willing to change your body image and learn how to cope with positive challenges
  2. Be consistent in what you do and get used to new habits
  3. Build incentives for yourself and reward every single accomplishment
  4. Adopt a plan, stick to it and follow through with all you’ve got
  5. Keep yourself motivated by connecting with other members on the platform
  6. Never set a limit and always thrive for more

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No workout is easy as every accomplishment is gained though hard work, dedication and persistence. The Venus Factor has been proven successful for many women around the world. It’s time to be who you always wanted to be, all with the use of this 12 week program that will transform your body entirely. I did my research before I committed myself to the program.

In the end, you may find that other programs or routines are more fit fit your goals and aspirations, but you will not go wrong with The Venus Factor. The power is in you once you get your hands on the program. You will be taught how to enter the world of weight loss by adopting changes that will make you less resistant to the leptin hormone. By doing so, your metabolism will speed up, you will burn fat with the workout program and control hunger all at the same time. Investing in your future and health can never go wrong on your side. Take the time to learn how you can make a difference now without regretting inaction now